Zakopane Thermal Baths

The Zakopane Thermal Baths are about a two hour’s drive from Krakow. Although there are several thermal spas in and around Zakopane the most popular one is in Chocholow which is about 100km from Krakow city centre.

We will help you plan your journey there and tell you how to use public transport to get to the Zakopane thermal baths.

We will also give you tips on how to book a tour to the thermal spas from Krakow and how you can also incorporate a trip to the mountain resort of Zakopane at the same time.

How much do the Zakopane Thermal Baths cost?

There is a bewildering array of price tariffs at the Chocholow Thermal Spa so it very much depends on what areas you want to access and whether you’re a couple, a retired couple, a family etc

With that in mind, we will give you approximate prices for the Zakopane thermal baths and you can always visit their own website to check for more accurate pricing if you prefer.

The prices below are all in Polish Zloty and the exchange rate for the Zloty against Sterling usually hovers around 5 Polish Zloty to              £ 1. So, for example a couple wanting to book two tickets for the pools and healing zone would be charged 99 Polish Zloty each (198 Zloty for a couple) which would equate to about £ 39.60.

Pools + Healing Zone (3hr time limit)

Includes access to the pools and the thermal brine and iodinized barrels. There is a 3hr time limit and you will be charged if you go over this limit.

Pools + Healing Zone (NO time limits)

Includes access to the pools and the thermal brine and iodinized barrels but without any time limits. You can stay for as long as you want.

Pools + Healing Zone (after 7pm)

Includes access to pools and the thermal brine and iodinized barrels but at reduced ticket prices after a 7pm admission.

Or… a tour with “Get Your Guide” and let them sort everything for you.

Vodka & Cheese Tasting

En route to the Zakopane Thermal Baths you will stop for some vodka and cheese tasting. Yum yum!

Visit a traditional mountain village

Also included in the tour price is a visit to a typical Polish mountain village.

Free time in Zakopane

If you book with Get Your Guide then you also will visit the Winter capital of Poland, Zakopane.

What facilities do they have?

The Chocholow thermal baths (or “Chocholowskie” as they call it in Poland) claim to be the largest thermal baths in Poland.

The place is enormous and more like a water park with something for everyone.

Although it may be better to avoid these Zakopane thermal baths at weekends when it can get very busy with families there are still enough pools and jacuzzis to allow you to enjoy the facilities and location.


Swimming Pools

and LOTS of them. There are indoor and outdoor pools of various sizes, artificial waves, water jets, kids play areas and much more.

Healing Zone

A choice of a thermal barrel with sulphuric water or the iodized thermal pool. Supposed to be great for the skin.

Restaurants, bars and sauna

With a water bar, restaurants, saunas, shops and a kid zone there really is something for everyone and provides a great short break from your Krakow holiday.

How to get from Krakow to Zakopane Thermal Baths

Although it is very doable to travel by yourself to the Zakopane thermals baths from Krakow it is a bit of a headache if you’re doing it yourself.

Although commonly referred to as the “Zakopane thermal baths” on Facebook groups the thermal spas at Chocholow are NOT actually in the town of Zakopane.

They are about 18km from Zakopane and that car journey takes about 25 mins. The roads are mostly mountain and countryside roads so journeys can be longer dependant upon weather and traffic.

Also be aware that there are more than one thermal spas in the Zakopane “area” but usually, people mean the Chocholow thermal baths when they refer to “Zakopane thermal baths” as Chocholow is the most popular.

To get from Krakow to the Zakopane thermal baths at Chocholow by yourself, there are two main options, bus or train.

The Krakow train does not go to Chocholow, only to Zakopane so once in Zakopane you will need to get a bus or taxi to take you to Chocholow.

The bus from Krakow only goes to a place called Bazna Nizna and from there you will need to get a taxi to take you to the thermal baths at Chocholow



Bus from Krakow – Zakopane thermal Baths

There are sadly no direct links from Krakow to the Zakopane thermal baths so you’ll need to get a taxi from Bazna Nizna.


Train from Krakow – Zakopane Thermal Baths

The train from Krakow doesn’t go direct to the thermal baths. You will need to get off at Zakopane and then get a bus or taxi to Chocholow.


Or…save yourself the hassle and stress

Book a tour to the Zakopane thermal baths with Get your guide. Transfers and additional excursions are all included


“It can get busy, especially at weekends but we love the Zakopane thermal baths. We went in December on a day trip from Krakow and when we arrived at the baths it was snowing. It was a magical experience being in a warm pool with snow falling down.”

Elaine Warburton

“A brilliant trip to incorporate into your Krakow break.

We got a private tour with Get Your Guide so didn’t have to mess around with sorting our own transport out.

We also had some spare time to explore Zakopane and would definitely go back again!”

The Jackon family

“Brilliant experience and the place is MASSIVE! Plenty for the kids to do.

We were there about 3 hours and probably needed more time to wind down in the restaurant afterwards.”

Said Guerra